Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Opening Day!

Usually I don't like the opening day of ski season. Mediocre snow and too many people on just a few hills. This year is going to be a bit different! Nub's Nob has received over 30 inches of natural snow so far this winter and will open with over 30 runs on Saturday, November 22! Ski ya' out there!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Advice From the Purple Chair: It's Live! Live!

This morning I watched Olympic skiing live for the first time in my life! Due to time differences and the popularity of skiing, the networks tend to save races for primetime broadcasts. The downhill races earlier in the week were broadcast 19 hours after the race started! This makes it hard to avoid spoilers. Also due to time constraints, they usually only show Americans, medalists, and crashes. These things can take some of the mystery and drama out of watching the sport. Thanks to the Internet, NBC is having all events live on their web page. Today, instead of staying up late to see the Super-Combined, I got up a few minutes early and watched the slalom portion at 6:30 am. It was amazing! I saw every racer and had no idea what would happen. It was great! A lot of races are at 2:00 am, but some second runs are going to be at 5:30 am. I know that is early, but it is worth it! See for times and links to the video. You may have to log in through your TV provider.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why We Ski: The Picker-Uppers

It is an Olympic year and with it come the commercials. Here is a great one honoring Moms and all they do to pick us up.

We owe a lot to our moms, dads, and teachers for helping us to get up and keep going, especially in our winter sports where there is a lot of falling down! I have always loved the thought that the person who wins gold in the Winter Olympics is the one who doesn't fall. Whether you end up an Olympian or not, and whether your parents teach you or sign you up for a lesson, thanks to them you have the skills for a sport that will last a lifetime! Falling makes us stronger!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chairtalk: Around the World

Nub's Nob is off to a great, possibly best, start! Most of the front and a few of the back hills are now open!

Today I was able to complete a modified* "Around the World" challenge. Around the World is where you ski every hill. To make it more interesting, you try to never take the same chairlift twice in a row. This screen shot from my Ski Tracks app shows how I got around. Obviously they are using a satellite picture from a different time of year!

*No black diamonds, glades, or race area for me. As Dad would say, I am acting my age!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Signs of the Season: Skunks

There is an old skiers' tale that the whiter the skunks are, the snowier the winter will be. Recently I was driving and saw a skunk so white that at first I thought it was a cat!

My schedule is turned in and the Nub's Nob Winter Sports School can start taking reservations. I will be instructing December 22, 27-28, 30-31, January 3-4, Saturdays through February 22, and then March 22. Ski you out there!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why We Ski: Milestones

There are many significant birthdays: 16 to get your driver's license, 21 to purchase alcohol, 35 to be able to run for president. Although I am not rushing it, I look forward to turning 70. Skiers 70 and over can get free daily ski passes at Nub's Nob. Just come to the ticket window, show your ID, and away you go! If want to skip the first steps, you can spend $25.00 for an Unlimited Season Pass. While some local resorts raised the age for free passes to 80, I am thankful that Nub's Nob keeps it at 70. Now, I just have to wait 26 years!

By the way, the 70+ ticket is $22.50 and all season tickets are 10% off for one more day. Order now!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Signs of the Season: Last Day

It was a great year, but sure went fast. Here I am on the last day riding the purple chair. Nub's Nob closed with plenty of snow, but it is time to move on to spring and the activities that go along with it. I kind of feel like a super-hero giving up my powers and retiring to my secret identity. All the amazing things I can do as a skier and instructor have to go into hiding. Never fear, though, winter will return before you know it!

I want to thank everyone at Nub's Nob and the Winter Sports School for a great season. It was an honor to work with you. Also, thank you to all of my amazing lessons! I had so much fun and learned so much. I hope you did, too! Ski ya' next year!